VBL 2022 Annual General Meeting

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Dear VBL Members,

The 2022 Victorian Bands’ League Annual General Meeting will take place on Sunday May 22nd at 11am via video link. A general delegates meeting will follow the AGM.

All VBL Members are invited to attend the AGM and to nominate for a position on the VBL Executive. Please note: you no longer need to be a Delegate to run for a position on the VBL Executive Council (excluding President and Vice President).

At this time, we call for nominations for the following positions:

·                President (must be a Delegate)

·                Vice President (x2) (must be a Delegate)

·                Treasurer

·                Registrar

·                Minute Secretary

·                Executive Councillor (x9)

Nominations must be emailed to president@vbl.org.au using this form. Nominations can be received up until 10.55am on Sunday May 22nd.

A link to the AGM will only be provided to those who RSVP. Please email president@vbl.org.au to confirm your attendance.

All VBL members are invited to attend the AGM but only Delegates can vote. If a Delegate is unable to attend, they may appoint a proxy to vote on their behalf by emailing president@vbl.org.au A Delegate can be a proxy for another Delegate.

Kind regards,


Megan Stapleton


Victorian Bands’ League

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