Forms & Fees


All applications for membership must be accompanied with the corresponding fee for that application. Fees for 2014 can be found below.

Forms for Players

Forms for Bands

Contest Forms

For entry forms, see the relevant competition posts.

Administrative Forms

Official forms for Administrative purposes are available when required at VBL meetings and events.


The 2019 VBL fees and charges are as follows:

Annual Band Affiliation Fees

Open Grade Bands $330.00
Open Unclassified/Ungraded $150.00
Junior & School Bands $120.00

Player Levies

  • Open Grades
  • Youth/Junior Grades
  • Unclassified

$11.00 per player or for group payment with annual return paid before 31st January each year. 

  • Additional / Individual registrations

$16.00 per player for payment after 31st January each year.

  • School

No Player Levy

  • Permits - Normal and Emergency

$10.00 per permit (for Nationals Contest)

Advertising – VBL Website Charges

General Classifieds Advert Section

$50 per annum

Member Bands and Member Players receive no charge for advertising musical one off items. In the case of Concerts their own band must be the major feature guest artists / bands may be included


 Permit, registration forms etc  Free on VBL Website