A pair of Zildjian factory-matched 20″ Germanic Symphonic hand (crash) cymbals

These cymbals are pitch-matched at the Zildjian factory.  They have a bright, clear sound, sufficient to cut through strong ensemble playing, yet with a rhythmically sharp ‘splash’ at low dynamic levels.

Price: $450.   As new, they cost from $950 – $1050.  The price includes: leather straps (normally around $30 each), leather pads (normally $40 each), a solid cymbal case (usually about $200 for hand cymbals) with internal rubber cushioning, and a solid Dixon cradle (normally worth $130).  So the extras (as new) are worth over $400 alone.

One of the cymbals has a very small ‘dint’ on the edge that does not affect the sound in any way.

For more information, please contact: 0428 948 987

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